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DECEMBER 17, 2021


All IDT members who need to know how PDPM calculates from which MDS item & those who need the latest PDPM updates effective October 01, 2021.

(IDT, MDS Nurses & MDS Coordinators must have some MDS knowledge.)



This course covers the following topics regarding the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) in Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facilities effective October 01, 2019 and updates effective October 01, 2021: 


1) What is PDPM:  Learn the Interrupted Stay Policy, required PPS assessment, plus more!

2) PDPM Case Study:  Learn to classify!

3) Changes to the RAI (MDS) manual involving PDPM

4) PDPM Updates effective October 2021

5) Section GG:  Some scenarios clarified!

The purpose of the PDPM course is to increase the clinician's knowledge of Medicare Part A PPS assessments, to review the topics regarding almost 2-year old PDPM and to provide the latest federal updates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services surrounding the RAI/MDS process.  


Note:  This is not an MDS 3.0 Training where instructions on how to code the whole MDS item-by-item are discussed.


This is a PDPM Training that discusses the specific MDS items that affect the PDPM components and reimbursement.    

TARGET AUDIENCE: Any Long Term Care Facility or Skilled Nursing Care Facility staff in California & other non-case mix States who has had an MDS 3.0 training or with MDS 3.0  experience:  Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Auditors, Dept. of Health Evaluators (Surveyors), Nurse Assessment Coordinators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, Social Services, Registered Dietitians, Dietary Supervisors, Nursing Home Administrators, Admissions, Health Information Professionals, Activity Directors, Activity Assistants and any members of the Interdisciplinary Team involved in assessment and care planning.


Handouts and parts of the RAI manual will be mailed to each attendee. (Digital copies of  pertinent PDPM files will be mailed or emailed.)


Chapter 6 of RAI manual and other training materials will be mailed.  A tracking number will be emailed once available and can be tracked in (or an alternate mailing service available).  The packages are mailed starting the 3rd week before the training. If materials are still available, the last day to mail the materials is 5 days before the training event.  MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for a package replacement if the mailing address provided is incorrect or not valid or if the recipient is not available to sign for the package upon delivery causing the package to be returned to MDS/RAI Advisor.  In this case, only the digital copies of the training materials will be emailed to that attendee or be made available for download during the live stream event.

The flash drive is provided for the attendee's own use, at the attendee's own leisure.  Therefore, attendees are instructed to check the flash drive to make sure it works upon receipt.  We do not send replacements of the flash drive or its data after the training event. 


Slides will be emailed as a pdf file during the week of the event and it is up to the attendee to print their own copy the way they want their slides printed.  

Training materials will also be available as digital format during the training event.  

No sharing of live stream class link:  There is no sharing of the live stream access link.  If another attendee uses the same link, one will have no record of attendance.  No recorded minutes of attendance means no CE contact hours and no Certificate of Completion, even if the examination was passed.   

*Due to the ever changing health guidelines & community restrictions, course materials may not be produced by our local vendors on time.  Training materials will be mailed starting approximately 3 weeks before the live stream event (at the latest, 5 days before the live stream event, if materials are still available). 


Therefore, registration closes 5 days before the event date, if materials are still available. 


MDS/RAI Advisor PDPM Training attendees 2019.jpg



Certificate of Completion with 4 CE contact hours for CA LVNs & CA RNs are distributed at end of course.  (Valid for other states such as Florida that accept providers with state-approved CE contact hours.  Please check with your State's Board of Nursing if CA State Board-Approved CE contact hours are valid for your State.)


Attention licensed nurses:  Eval, test and class attendance are required to attain 4 CE contact hours.*  


Provider approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, Provider Number V10855 and by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP Number 16627 for 4 contact hours.  

*Not applicable to individuals invited to "sit-in" only.


Rev 11/04/2021


Upon completion of the course, the attendee will be able to:


1.  Identify the 6 components of PDPM for SNF patients in a covered Part A stay.

2. State the purpose of the PDPM mapping.

3. Explain how each PDPM level is calculated.

4.  State at least 2 updates related to PDPM reimbursement for FY 2022.

5.  Describe the role of Interdisciplinary Team relative to the quality of care and proper reimbursement after PDPM was implemented.


  • Online connection

  • Device with speaker:  Desktop, laptop, tablet or, as a back-up, Smartphone.  

  • A link to enter the online event.  This link is in an automatic email sent through Demio.  (Demio is the online platform we are using for the live stream training for "a hassle-free, no download experience" via common browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) on devices such as Samsung, Microsoft, Apple and others.)  

  • Desktop minimum version requirements for each browser:  Chrome 55+, Firefox 53+, Safari 12.1+, Edge 42.  Mobile browsers: iOS and Android OS.  (Don't know your browser?  Click here.)




- We are not responsible for the attendee's inability to get in the class (or on time) for the following:

1) The attendee cannot find the link because they did not read their multiple emails that include the link repeatedly. 

2) The attendee did not check the link upon receiving the emails.  All links are working links auto-generated by Demio. 

3) The attendee's device is not working during the event date.

(Links that work on our end using different devices mean something is wrong with your device.  Thus, do not wait until the last minute to check. Calling us last minute to assist with the links will cause further delay.)

4) "Work" or "Company" email used during registration and the attendee does not have access at home:  We are not responsible for your ability or inability to access your emails.  It is your responsibility to get those MDS training information with you wherever you are doing the live stream.  

5) Internet is slow or device battery ran out:  Other people using the same internet to play video games or watch youtube can slow down your connection.  Multiple windows open in your device may need to be closed.  Please do not message or call regarding this as we definitely cannot help. Note down the last slide or MDS item covered. If a large section was missed, additional 30 minutes are provided each day to review missed areas.  

- Sessions are Pacific Time (PT).  Depending on the time of the year, PT can be PST or PDT.

- Do not drive to our office or former training location.  Live Stream is a live, online event- not a recording.  There is no rewind button. 

- Individuals invited to "sit-in" only means just that.  No training materials, certificates or contact hours will be provided to you as you are not considered a paid registered student.  We are not responsible for your inability to get in the class.



- CLICK on the unique link provided in your email to see if it works.  If not, check the following:

1. Clear your cache.  Go to your computer settings and clear your browser cache history.


2. Check your browser.  Desktop minimum version requirements for each browser:  Chrome 55+, Firefox 53+, Safari 12.1+, Edge 42.  Mobile browsers: iOS and Android OS.  Don't know your browser?  Click here. For instructions on how to update your browser, visit your browser's help pages. We recommend using one of these browsers:

- Find & set up your quiet area with minimal distraction and with internet connection.  

- Use a device with a screen, audio and internet connection.

- Check if your device includes speakers.  If not, plug-in headphones or portable speakers.

- If available, have a back-up device such as an extra tablet, smartphone or laptop and practice using the unique link on it.  



- Open your device and make sure it is fully charged or plugged-in.  (Smartphones can be used- you may need to swipe left or right to see the slides, instructor or chat room.)

- Use the unique event access link provided by Demio to get in the "room".

- Click on link or copy/paste to your browser to get in the "room".

- Count down should be showing if it is before the start time.

- Web live stream "room" will open 7:30am (PT) for the morning sessions and 12:30pm (PT) for the afternoon sessions.

- Audio issues?  Slides are not 'moving'?  Try these steps:

  1.   Refresh the page. 

  2.  Log out or close the window and log back in.

  3.  Check your device volume setting.

MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for internet connection issues the attendee may experience due to issues caused by the attendee's internet provider. Connectivity issues not due to MDS/RAI Advisor's platform are not eligible for a refund.  (Example, if during the Audio/Visual check at 7:30am went well for you and then an hour later, the event can actively be seen and heard by attendees with no problems but you can no longer see or hear the presentation, then your internet provider or device has issues.)  Do not panic!  Take note of the topic or slide number.  If more than 10% loss of information was due to the attendee's internet provider connection problem, the topic will be reviewed at the end of the training or the attendee may be invited to the next session, if available. MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for internet connection issues the attendee may experience due to the attendee's own internet provider. 


However, if it is found that MDS/RAI Advisor's internet provider has caused a disruption (because it is obvious that no one can hear or see the presentation) during the training causing more than 10% loss of information due to connectivity issue, MDS/RAI Advisor will reschedule or provide a full refund.



Live Stream Events:  Certification of Completion will be awarded if 70% of the examination answers are correct and course participation must show 70% in the attendee's online engagement during Q&A or polls sections of the course.  A digital copy will be provided via email after test and evaluation are turned in.  Hard copy of the certificate will be mailed within a week after passing the examination.


Lost your Certificate of Completion?

Request for replacement certificate can be emailed to with attendee's name, training date and phone number.  Once verified via the "Sign-In Sheet" that you have attended the training, an invoice will be emailed back to you for $20 service fee.  The invoice has a "Pay Now" button for instant credit card payment.  A digital copy of the Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you within 72 hours of receipt of payment.  Only digital copies can be provided.  No refunds will be provided due to digital format is being sent via email.  Correction request of information that was provided during registration after the Certificate of Completion has been mailed or printed is a request for replacement.  See Terms and Conditions for full details.






(8:30am - "Room" Opens for Morning Session SIGN-IN, for Audio/Video Check, Set-Up.  Tip:  The link to the event can work on multiple devices simultaneously so use this time to set up your tablet or a smartphone as a back up.)

9:00am - Class starts promptly.
9am-12pm - Morning session.

12pm-1pm - Lunch break.
(12:45pm - "Room" Re-Opens for Afternoon Session to SETTLE BACK in class.)

1pm-3pm - Afternoon session.

3pm - Class ends.

(Evals & Exam need to be completed and passed by 11:59 pm of the day of the training to receive the Certificate of Completion with continuing education contact hours.)



CALVet & VA ONLY:  We will gladly hold seats for you to accommodate the additional time you may need to process the paperwork.  Please call to notify us to reserve seats for your staff.  It is best to email the registration form so we can provide the course information and reminders to your staff as we wait for the payment in the mail.  You may need to follow the instructions below regarding both mailing and emailing.

POSTAL MAIL:  CALL or EMAIL first to notify us and to check seat availability!  Why?  So we can save a seat for you while awaiting arrival of your mail.


Registration by mail is a slower process. Please do so ASAP if this is your preference.  Expect delays.  Delay in delivery may not guarantee a seat due to risk of mail being lost, tattered or torn. (Yes, it has happened.)  


Steps when mailing attendee information & check:

1)  Requires completion of registration form. Download form here.  (Use Adobe for best format.)

2)  Complete form (electronically or manually).

3)  Print form and then mail with check payment.  Click here for complete instructions.

EMAIL: If an attendee does not want to register online directly through this website, the registration form can be completed  electronically or by hand and then emailed to us. 

Steps when emailing attendee information only:

1)  Requires completion of registration form. Download form here.  (Use Adobe for best format.)

2)  Form can be completed electronically or manually (scan or photocopy). 

3)  Email form.    

4)  Upon our receipt, we will contact you that a seat is saved and to verify when you will be sending the check payment in the mail.  A saved seat is not a guaranteed entrance to the course since full payment is needed.  Click here for more specific instructions.


LATE REGISTRATION: Update 08/04/2020:  Waived due to covid PHE.  This will resume post-covid PHE.  

Registration processed less than 10 calendar days before the event is considered late registration.  Please call for availability especially if late registration is by mail. Registrations received and processed less than 10 business days before the event are not eligible for refunds.  If seats are not available, a waiting list will be started.  If there is any cancellation, those on waiting list may take the available spot.  Waiting list is first come, first serve.





It is important that attendees are respectful toward fellow attendees and training staff, and that their behaviors not interfere with nor disrupt class activities. Therefore, attendees are expected to adhere to the following rules when attending our courses: 

1) During the sign-in time, attendee must provide a valid picture ID with the name matching the name on the roster of paid attendees.  A sign-in sheet must be completed with the attendee's name, title, professional license number, valid email, mailing address, phone number and signature for each day of class.  

2) It is the attendee’s responsibility to notify the instructor in advance of a need for accommodation of a disability.

3) Laptop and tablet computers are allowed for (quiet) note taking.  


4) Disruptive behaviors are not permitted while course is in session.  Be polite and respectful toward others.  

5) Turn-off or set to vibrate all phones or alarms.

6) No videotaping allowed.

No sharing of live stream class link:  There is no sharing of the live stream access link.  If another attendee uses the same link, one will have no record of attendance.  No recorded minutes of attendance means no CE contact hours and no Certificate of Completion, even if the examination was passed.   

Anyone not in accordance to the class policy will not be allowed to enter or continue the course as we strive to provide the best possible training accommodations.  Refund will not be applicable or may be subject to review.



Class policy applies to everyone in the training event, even to those who are "sit-in only".  Individuals invited to "sit-in only" means just that.  No training materials, examination, certificates or contact hours will be provided to you as you are not considered a paid registered attendee of the class you are sitting-in. We are not responsible for your inability to get in the class.  "Sit-in only" may be offered to help a nursing peer in need or as a favor from the goodness of our hearts, is based on seat availability and offering this opportunity is not taken lightly.  Please respect the registered attendees who will be prioritized.  "Sit-in only" individuals who show any signs of disruption will automatically be blocked and banned without warning.



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