The following are live, specialized training regarding MDS (Minimum Data Set). 


Anyone with little to no experience with MDS will need the full MDS 3.0 (2-day) Training:  Click the first box below or go to the "MDS Training (2-day Course)" tab under the MDS Courses main menu.  


The MDS 3.0 Refresher Course and PDPM:  PPS MDS Training Update are advanced training workshops meant for clinicians who have MDS experience but need a refresher of updates or specialized training with PPS.  These two courses vary from a 4-hour to 8-hour schedule, depending on the latest updates from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Click on the MDS 3.0 Refresher Course or PDPM:  PPS MDS Training Update below for details.

MDS classes, MDS courses and/or MDS seminars vary in location and are held in either special events conference rooms or at our office work space conference rooms; thus, start time may be different depending on location.  MDS training as live stream format is also available.

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