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This 1-Day MDS 3.0 Related Course Provides an Update of the Final RAI Manual Version 1.18.11 Effective October 01, 2023:  


- Errata released AFTER the final manual are included.  

- In-depth review of new MDS coding rules for Sections A, B, C, D, F, GG, H, I, J, K, M, N, O, Q, X and other substantial RAI changes

- This is not just a summary of revisions.

(For California & other non-case mix states.)


MARCH 20, 2024 (8am-3:30pm Live Stream)


Live Online:  Anywhere you are located with internet access. 


RAI Manual Version 1.18.11 (printed Chapters 1-6 and other materials), Flash Drive (digital copies of manuals & forms), CE Contact Hours for CA LVNs and RNs  


This is not a full MDS 3.0 Training.  This is not a PDPM Training.
Consider the full MDS 3.0 training if you are not aware of the MDS manual version 1.17.1 or changes as of October 2019.  


Attendee Registration Form & Credit Card Payment Completed Online

Attendee Registration Form to be emailed & Facility Business Check is mailed.  Or Registration Form is mailed with Facility Business Check.  


Some knowledge of or experience with the current Resident Assessment Instrument Minimum Data Set version 1.17.1 until 2022 updates.



  • Dependable internet connection

  • Working device with working screen and working speaker:  Desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone

  • A link to enter the online event.  


Any member of the MDS-involved team with some knowledge of or experience with the current MDS version from a Skilled Nursing Facility, Nursing Facility, Long Term Care Facility and Swing Bed Facility staff:  MDS Coordinator, MDS Nurse, MDS Assistant, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Nurse Assessment Coordinators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, Dietitians, Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Health Information Professionals and any members of the Interdisciplinary Team involved in assessment and care planning.  MDS consultants, Dept. of Health Evaluators, MDS auditors, MDS specialists, MDS experts are also welcome.


The purpose of the MDS 3.0 Refresher course is to update the clinician's knowledge of the clinical assessments used in the accurate completion of the MDS assessments by providing the latest revisions of regulations released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services surrounding the RAI/MDS process.


This MDS Refresher covers the final substantial changes in the RAI manual version 1.18.11 effective October 01, 2023 such as the errata after the release of the RAI manual, the new Social Determinants of Health, the rest of the new MDS data elements and RAI chapters affecting MDS coding relevant to California and other non-case mix states.


Upon completion of the course, the attendee will be able to:

1.  Identify the MDS (Minimum Data Set) sections updated in the latest RAI version effective October 01, 2023.

2.  Identify the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data elements in Section A.

3.  State the change in data collection of the Resident Mood Interview.

4.  Identify the new Section GG Self Care and Mobility items needed for the different types of MDS assessments.

5.  State the new items listed as Special Treatments, Procedures and Programs in Section O0100.

6.  State the updated regulation affecting the Part A PPS Discharge Assessment completion.

7.  Identify items clarified in the list of the PDPM skilled conditions that can affect Medicare eligibility and reimbursement.

Updated 02/15/2024



1)  No videotaping allowed.


2)  It is the attendee’s responsibility to notify the instructor in advance of a need for accommodation of a disability.

3) Disruptive and inappropriate behavior comments or actions towards another attendee or instructor are not permitted while course is in session.  Be polite and respectful toward others.  

Anyone not in accordance to the class policy will not be allowed to enter or continue the course as we strive to provide the best possible training accommodations.  The attendee will automatically be banned.


​- Sessions are Pacific Time (PT).  Depending on the time of the year, PT can be PST or PDT.

- Do not drive to our office or former training location.  Live Stream is a live, online event.  

- The sessions are not recordings.  There is no rewind button. 

- We are not responsible for the attendee's inability to get in the class (or on time) due to the following:

1) The attendee cannot find the link because they did not read their multiple emails that include the link repeatedly. 

2) The attendee did not check the link upon receiving the emails.  All live stream links are working links auto-generated by Demio.

3) The attendee's device is not working during the event date.

Links that work on our end using different devices mean something is wrong with your device.  Thus, do not wait until the last minute to check. Calling us last minute to assist with the links will cause further delay.  ​

4) "Work" or "Company" email used during registration and the attendee does not have access at home:  We are not responsible for your ability or inability to access your emails.  It is your responsibility to get those training information with you wherever you are doing the live stream.

5)  The attendee's internet is slow or device battery ran out. 




Make sure you have a dependable, working device with the following:

1.  Speakers that work (or headphones or portable speakers that are in working condition)

2.  Screen that works

3.  Dependable internet connection

- If you have internet that keeps logging you out, then it is not a "dependable internet connection". If you cannot hear out of your smartphone "sometimes", then it is not dependable.

Solution:  Find another device.  Call your internet provider.  Do not use the device during the training.

- You need to be familiar with your own device:  Know how to use the various volume settings. 

  • We cannot give you orientation as to how you can change the volume setting of your device.  Devices may have multiple volume settings.

  • If you do not have the 3 device requirements mentioned above, please avail these before the session; otherwise, do not take the course. 

Solution:  Get plug-in headphones or portable speakers.​

If none of the above helped, then you do not have the requirements, i.e., you do not have a working device or a dependable internet.   Call us to cancel the course timely to get the refund.   


  1. CLICK on the unique link provided in your email to see if it works.  (You should see a countdown.)  Demio is the live stream platform we will be using.   No need to download an app.  Any updated device should work.

  2. Using a desktop or a laptop?  CLICK here to run an audio/video check or go to

  3. Using a smartphone?  CLICK here to run an audio/video check or go to


- Find & set up your quiet area with minimal distraction and with a dependable, working internet connection.  

-  If available, have a back-up device such as an extra tablet, smartphone or laptop and practice using the unique link on it.


- Open your device and make sure it is fully charged or plugged-in.  (Smartphones can be used- you may need to swipe left or right to see the slides, instructor or chat room.)

- Use the unique event access link provided by Demio to get in the "room".

- Click on link or copy/paste to your browser to get in the "room".

- Count down should be showing if it is before the start time.

- Web live stream "room" will open 8:45am (Pacific Time).

- Audio issues?  Slides are not 'moving'?  Try these steps:

  1.   Refresh the page. 

  2.   Log out or close the window and log back in.

  3.   Check your device volume settings.  It usually has multiple audio settings.

  4.   Read the instructions above: "CHECK THE FOLLOWING UPON RECEIPT OF ACCESS LINK STEP A" 

  5.   Be patient.  Your device might have a slight delay connecting with the audio.

  • Do not call to tell us you cannot hear the instructor yet everyone else can hear the instructor.   This means something is going on with your device.

  • Do not get angry at our staff if you are frustrated because you cannot hear out of your device yet everyone else in the class can hear the instructor.  Again, this means something is going on with your device.  It is not our fault and we are not your IT.  You will be banned from the class- no refund.


Please do not call us to help you fix your device.  Unfortunately, one of the requirements for this course is having a dependable, working device.  Maybe these steps can help:

1.  Clear your cache.  Go to your computer settings and clear your browser cache history.

2.  Check your browser.  The browser might be old and not updated.  Sometimes work computers are not updated and employees have limited access.  Here are the minimal versions required for each browser-

  • FOR DESKTOP browsers:  Google Chrome 55+, Firefox 53+, Safari 12.1+, Microsoft Edge 42.  

  • FOR MOBILE browsers (examples are smartphones such as iphones or tablets such as galaxy or ipads): iOS and Android OS.  

  • Don't know your browser?  Click here. For instructions on how to update your browser, visit your browser's help pages. We recommend using one of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari

3.  Call your IT, computer or phone company.  (Apple, Dell, Verizon, AT&T and Microsoft have numbers you can call and they really do help.) 

4.  Use a different device, like a tablet or another smartphone.


Due to the ever changing health guidelines & community restrictions, course materials may not be produced by our local vendors on time.  Manuals and other training materials are usually mailed starting approximately 2-3 weeks before the live stream event. 


1. The printed RAI manual* (and other printed training materials, if applicable) will be mailed via Priority Mail or similar alternate delivery service.  A tracking number will be emailed once available and can be tracked in (or an alternate mailing service).  MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for a package replacement if the USPS (or alternate mailing service) returns that package to us after the exact address used on the package was the same address provided during registration (i.e., the mailing address provided is incorrect, valid or not) or if the recipient is not available to sign for the package upon delivery causing the package to be returned to MDS/RAI Advisor.  

2.  Digital copies of the training materials will be sent by mail in a flash drive or by email before the training session:


If by mail:  The flash drive is provided for the attendee's own use, at the attendee's own leisure.  Therefore, attendees are instructed to check the flash drive to make sure it works upon receipt.  Replacement of the files will be made available only if supply is still available before the training event.  We do not send replacements of the flash drives as it can easily get corrupted, i.e., if ejected the wrong way.  Some facilities restrict computer use of certain websites or other computer hardware to prevent inappropriate online use or to prevent malware; therefore, you should know that the flash drive may not work with your work computers.  (At this point, you need to think of other alternatives.)

If by email:  This option is available only if there is no flash drive in stock or if the flash drive received by the attendee did not have files or the attendee was unable to open the files after arrival in the mail and after being checked using different devices.  The attendee's email provided during registration will be sent the digital copies that would have been in the flash drive.  This option is not available during and after the training event because the attendee would have and should have checked the flash drive beforehand as instructed. 

3.  Slides will be emailed as a pdf file during the week of the event.  It is up to the attendee to print their own copy the way they want their slides printed.  

MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for replacing or resending files after the course has ended.  Files are made available before and during the course and it is the responsibility of the attendee to open and check the file timely.  (If you lose the file after the training, it is not our responsibility to replace it.  This is the same as receiving a file from your English 101 college professor then a month after you finish the English 101 course, you cannot find the file or cannot open the file The institution is not responsible for replacing your lost file or a file you did not open before and during the course.)

* The printed RAI manual may not include all of the appendices to lessen paper waste and keep the course fee as low as possible.  The digital copy of the RAI manual includes the appendices which is provided to the attendee (in the flash drive or emailed).


An invitation to take the test in an online testing site hosting MDS/RAI Advisor's courses & examinations will be provided the week of the event.  

The online course evaluation and examination will need to be completed (passed with at least a 70% score within 3 attempts) by 11:59pm of the training event. 

No additional test time will be given for those who do not follow instructions regarding the online test site:


If, after the training ends, the attendee has problems such as opening an account in the test site (which should have been done before the training) or has problems remembering their account information, no additional time is given.  MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for providing assistance after hours since assistance is offered and explained during the training event.


Full agenda will be provided with the training materials.  This is only a partial agenda:
7:30am - Sign-In​

8:00am - Class starts

12pm -1pm - Lunch break

1pm - Afternoon session starts

3:30pm - Class ends

Eval & Exam need to be passed and completed by 11:59 pm of the training day for the Certificate of Completion.


Certificate of Completion will be awarded if 70% of the examination answers are correct and attendee signed the attendance rosters for in-person events and attendance report for live stream events. 


If the test score is less than 70% within the third attempt and/or if the attendee's signature is missing in the attendance roster or attendee had attended less than 5 hours, the Certificate of Completion will not be awarded. 

Live Stream Events:  Digital copy of the Certificate of Completion with contact hours will be emailed the next business day and the hard copy with contact hours will be mailed within 7 days.  (An automatic Certificate of Completion may generate after the test is passed online but may not include the contact hours.)

Attention licensed nurses:  Completion of the course eval, passing the test and having at least 5 hours of class attendance are required to attain 6 continuing education contact hours.  



For this MDS Refresher Course (a refresher of the MDS 3.0 Training event), five (5) continuing education contact hours will be awarded to attendees who pass the examination by 11:59 pm of the training if record shows signature of attendance.  Lunch and break times are not included because the training is not going on during those times.  Full or partial continuing education contact hours cannot be awarded for attendees leaving early.  

Note:  MDS/RAI Advisor is a provider approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians, Provider Number V10855 and California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider CEP Number 16627 for 13 contact hours. (To verify the course approval with the appropriate Board of Nursing, click on links.)   Since this MDS-related course is an update, the contact hours has been adjusted.


Cancellations must be in writing- email or by postal mail received by MDS/RAI ADVISOR.


ALL cancellations are subject to an administrative processing cancellation fee of $50.


​MDS/RAI Advisor will honor cancellations 3 days prior the live stream event and 10 days prior the in-person event


Because we are mailing the materials to online live stream events and will not be able to retrieve them, we will process the refund minus the cost of the manual and other training materials ($250) sent to you with the applicable administrative processing cancellation fee ($50).  

Once your notification of cancellation is received, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your notification of cancellation.  We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your request for a refund.


If you are approved, then your refund will be processed and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 14 days.

Refunds will be processed with the applicable administrative processing cancellation fee and minus the training materials cost if the following conditions apply:

1)  Cancellations (in writing) 3 days prior the online event. For example:  If the online event is on August 25, 2023, then the attendee would need to cancel by 11:59pm of August 21, 2023.  

2) Cancellations after the cancellation deadline (see number 1) with proof of survey or proof of emergency/hospitalization of attendee provided to MDS/RAI ADVISOR. Proof provided after the training event is not eligible for a refund. Important note:  If notification of proof of survey or proof of emergency/hospitalization of attendee is provided before the actual training event, attendee has the option of  transferring to next training date equivalent to the same type of course, depending on seat availability, if the course is available and is transferable only one time within 3 months.  

Refunds not applicable for the following conditions:

1)  All cancellations on and after 12 am (Pacific) of the 3rd day prior the online event.  Attendee will be responsible for full registration fee and forfeits all class materials and seats are no longer transferable.

2)  "No Shows".  Attendee will be responsible for full registration fee and forfeits all class materials and seats are no longer transferable.  


3)  Proof of survey or proof of emergency/hospitalization of attendee provided to MDS/RAI ADVISOR after training event is not eligible for a refund.  Attendee will be responsible for full registration fee and forfeits all class materials and seats are no longer transferable.  

4)  Transferring seats after the allowable cancellation deadline means the attendee has notified MDS/RAI Advisor of not being able to attend the originally scheduled course after the cancellation deadline.  In such a case, the attendee cannot be refunded if they cancel the next session they have chosen to transfer their seat.

Seats are transferable for the following conditions:

1)  Seats are transferable only if request is made (in writing via mail or email) by 5pm of the day before the training event- only for same equivalent course, depending on seat availability, if the course is available and one time only within 3 months. 

2) If notification of proof of survey or proof of emergency/hospitalization of attendee is provided before the actual training event, attendee has the option of  transferring to next training date equivalent to the same type of course, depending on seat availability, if the course is available and is transferable only one time within 3 months.

3)  Another person can substitute your spot in the class if we are notified by email by 5pm of the day before the event, one time only.

Transferring seats after the allowable cancellation deadline means the attendee has notified MDS/RAI Advisor of not being able to attend the originally scheduled course after the cancellation deadline.  In such a case, the attendee cannot be refunded if they cancel the next session they have chosen to transfer their seat.

In an event that MDS/RAI ADVISOR cancels:

In an event that MDS/RAI ADVISOR cancels due to an extreme emergency, full refund of the course will be provided and attendee will be notified by phone and/or email as early as possible.  MDS/RAI ADVISOR has the right to refuse service if attendee is disruptive and/or at anytime, if safety issues are of concern.  MDS/RAI ADVISOR is not responsible for any charges incurred by attendee.



Request for replacement certificate can be emailed to with attendee's name, training date and phone number.  Once verified via the "Sign-In Sheet" that you have attended the training, an invoice will be emailed back to you for $20 service fee.  The invoice has a "Pay Now" button for instant credit card payment.  A digital copy of the Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you within 72 hours of receipt of payment.  Only digital copies can be provided.  No refunds will be provided due to digital format is being sent via email.  Correction request of information that was provided during registration after the Certificate of Completion has been mailed or printed is a request for replacement. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

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