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Full class details are not on this page.  This page is for online payment registration only.  (Click here to be directed to course details if needed.)
MDS COURSESChoose the course as scheduled.  Click "Register" button.  Click "Book Now" after reviewing course.  Add attendee info.  (The name & license information you provide is for the Certificate of Completion.  The mailing address you provide needs to be accurate.  Live Stream events: The package will need a signature upon delivery.  If the mailing address YOU provide during registration is INCORRECT or NOT VALID, MDS/RAI Advisor is not responsible for a lost package replacement.)  Click "Pay Now".  A small window will open for credit card payment. After the credit card info is processed,
1) a window asks if you want to add the event to your calendar,
2) an automatic confirmation email is sent &
3) a receipt is sent separately.
CHECK your email:  INBOX, SPAM or JUNK MAIL folder.  If you did not get the confirmation email right away, course registration did not go through or the wrong email spelling was provided. You must call (323)574-3439 or email  
EMAIL USED DURING REGISTRATIONEach attendee needs their own email for course registration.  An email should not be used again for another attendee.  One person will be assigned to each email as an identifier.  If one email is used for 3 attendees, only one attendee will be registered three (3) times and this cannot be undone.  Each attendee will need to have their own email to take the test online.  
EMAIL USED DURING PAYMENT:  We understand that a different individual might be paying for an attendee.  In the payment window portion for the credit card information, a different email may be provided for the receipt.  
READ THE CANCELLATION POLICY:  The courses require tasks that cannot be undone:  Verifying license numbers, printing certificates on linen paper and processing course materials, etc; thus, the non-refundable administrative processing fee (varying from $20-$50) is applied to all cancellations
SOLD OUT?  Email to be on the waiting list.
(Registration & waiting list close 7-10 days before the event, depending on the event location.)
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