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MDS class, MDS course, MDS seminar, MDS training San Francisco, California



Mary Jane Kochoa, RN


- Over 25 years in the nursing field as Hospice Nurse, Charge Nurse, RN Supervisor, MDS Coordinator, Assistant Director of Nursing, MDS Consultant and Certified Hospice Administrator. 


- More than 18 years extensive MDS Coordinator experience in different Long Term Care Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facility arenas:  Transitional Care Unit, Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation Centers & facilities that are now under the nomenclature as "Post Acute" facilities.


- Not the typical MDS Instructor, she uses first-hand, real-time MDS issues and scenarios (not just from the RAI Manual), is not retired and still answers call lights.


- Graduated with honors:  LA County-USC Medical Center School of Nursing, more-than-100-year-old nursing school who taught her more than just to "lock and load" her nursing skills the County-General-Hospital way.  Recipient of multiple awards such as the American Red Cross Meritorious Action and Health Services Advisory Group of California Go-for-the-Gold Achiever.


- Recent educational background:  2019 ICD 10 Coding for PDPM, 2019 CMS Training in Missouri, 2018 CMS Training in Maryland. 2016 CMS Training in Illinois.  2015 Teaching Adult Learners.  2015 AANAC's Nurse Executive Certification (C-NE Credential changed by AANAC to DNS-CT: Director of Nursing Services- Certified).


- Clients (current and/or previous):  Sierra View Medical Center, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Totally Kids, Four Rivers/Caravan Management & others.

- Previous attendee testimonial: "I have to say I have been doing MDS off and on since it was all hand written. I was initially self taught as these types of training sessions were not available to me. I have had to navigate through many years of changes and it was such a joy to attend one of these classes. She is spectacular. The greatest resource I have ever experienced and I recommend anyone, new to the MDS or Experienced to take these updated classes. Simply reading about the changes to come is not enough. You need someone to put it all into perspective tying it all together. She is the one that can accomplish this. Thanks, Hope to see you soon for the new changes." (From Dee, March 15, 2019)

- Courses are designed for different types of adult learners.  Courses are aimed to live up to one simple thing:  "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" by Albert Einstein. 

Special thank you from our instructor to her crew, previous consultants who have taught her along the way, gifted humans who made a positive influence and her current team of consultants who are along for a great adventure:  Kai Grecia, Sam and Janet, Mireya Chow, Suzy Kassem, Carol D., Monette D., Intira Paredes, Cindy Pavelka and Jovita Magcalas.


MDS Advisor Team:  


Kai Grecia, LVN-  Seasoned RAC-CT MDS Nurse Strategist for real-life scenarios from the MDS trenches 


Mireya Chow, CNA- Decades-Accomplished Nursing Assistant for the geriatric demographic


Mary Esquivel, BSN, RN- LA County Department of Health ICU Expertise for the pediatric demographic


Manny Esquivel- Skilled Technical Support

We would not be able to function without our experienced team.  Thank you for your humble excellence!


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