On November 28, 2017, the Baseline Care Plan became one of the new requirements. Care plans can paint a plethora of a resident's data but what do we really need to have in the Baseline Care Plans? What are the required information on this specific form? The Baseline Care Plan provided here is a guide showing the MINIMUM required based on the SOM: State Operations Manual Appendix PP - Guidance to Surveyors for Long Term Care Facilities Table of Contents (Rev. 11-22-17). Sample goals in quotations are directly from the SOM to kick-off this person-centered form and to remind the clinician that the layman's language should be incorporated in the care plan. Form is a 4-page DOCX file YOU CAN EDIT. After card payment is processed, download button will appear on the Thank You page.This is a digital download. If unable to open file, a different format will be emailed within the next business day. Sorry, no refunds because this is a digital format.

Baseline Care Plan Form

  • 4-page DOCX file.

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