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When Things Don't Make Sense

It is time to visit for updates. Of course, the usual Appendix B revision has been posted. But let's take a look at Appendix B closely.

Appendix B 09292022 is up on the website and the link is dated as such. If you click on the Appendix B link, the file has the following on the bottom right: "Revised September 29, 2022".

What about it?

Well, the webpage is time stamped as modified on "09/20/2022".

Today is only September 23, 2022.

Sometimes, things just don't make sense. This has happened quite a few times during the past couple years. Obviously, this is minor stuff.

But what do we do when it's a major issue that does not make sense in the RAI manual? Those unclear instructions or examples should be brought up for clarification. To whom? To your State RAI Coordinator listed in Appendix B.


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