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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The “secret to success” is not always so obvious; thus, the phrase. What an MDS (Minimum Data Set) nurse does on the daily basis is not always so obvious, making the role seemingly a big secret. Here are the top 3 not-so-obvious facts about MDS nurses:

1. MDS nurses can affect the online rating of Long-Term Care (LTC) or Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). Surprisingly, most employees of LTC or SNF do not know how the MDS nurse can affect the public’s perception of their building. A quick online search can reveal the good, or bad, 5-Star Rating has posted about the facility. A third of that rating has to do with the data the MDS nurse has gathered or assessed.

2. MDS nurses must complete MDS assessments accurately and, doing so, can theoretically lead to quality plan of care.

3. MDS nurses are linked to one thing needed for our very human existence: Money. MDS nurses complete MDS assessments that directly affect a facility’s reimbursement which can be the revenue and income. Basically, an MDS assessment is the way facilities get paid.

If only people knew that great MDS nurses are needed for facilities to be successful. But many do not; therefore, it is still a secret.

MDS nurses- the secret to success...

That brings us to this article. It is time to reveal some of the enigmatic MDS nurses behind the successes, the “secret to success” of many facilities. We would like to recognize an alumnus of our program who has contributed to his facility’s improvements: John R. A. Ciocon, BSC, BSN, RN. Read on to get a glimpse of being an MDS-involved staff and the MDS training.

What is your current role and title?

“My current role and job title is RN-MDS Coordinator.”

How did you hear about MDS/RAI Advisor?

“I learned about MDS/RAI Advisor when I was searching online for my MDS certification. I came across MDS/RAI Advisor and after thoroughly reading the company background and other information available through its website, I did not hesitate to enroll and scheduled for my training at once.”

What was the most valuable information you picked up from our training that has led to your success?

”I started my MDS job three months prior to attending the training with MDS/RAI Advisor and the exam towards the end of the training validated the level of knowledge that one had about MDS. And the most valuable tool I took home with me was the RAI Manual which came with other materials provided by MDS/RAI Advisor upon registration. Most important of all for me was the parting words from our instructress Ms. Mary Jane Kochoa telling us to "keep reviewing the RAI manual and use it as your daily reference as you do your MDS work, and you will surely learn more as you go along!” as she also wished everyone good luck!

“The clinical knowledge and experience I gained working in an acute care hospital for many years has greatly contributed towards becoming an effective MDS Coordinator, coupled with my background and decades of experience in the field of business administration is what I believe contributed more towards the success of attaining my goal on the business aspect – for the company I'm currently working with as MDS coordinator.

“My stored knowledge about Kaizen Practice - a Japanese business management philosophy, aligned much with the words of Ms. Mary Jane Kochoa, because this philosophy focuses on the gradual improvement of productivity and outcome. It focuses on applying small, daily changes that will result in major improvements over a period of time.”

What makes you happy about your job?

“As a goal-oriented person, attaining my goal in over two years brought me so much satisfaction and sense of accomplishment for myself. I started working with this company over two years ago while it was still a two star. It attained the 5 Star Rating on April 2021 and consequently also attained the Tier 3 level on the QASP Performance Rating.

“Thanks to MDS/RAI Advisor for providing me the good foundation for this newfound career.”

Notably, John R. A. Ciocon has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce along with his nursing degree. His previous experiences have gifted him a plethora of skills he has put into practice as an MDS Coordinator. Kudos to you and your impressive accomplishments, John! We wish him and all our alumni the best of successes!

The focus of this article is to bring to light the hard-working MDS-involved staff and their significant role in healthcare. Though we heartfully understand and know the contributions of the whole Interdisciplinary Team, we wanted to shine the light to the many MDS staff who, day by day, practice their roles humbly, earn millions for their facility and may not get any recognition. Millions? Yes, THAT is no secret.

For information about MDS/RAI Advisor's MDS 3.0 Training, please click here.


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