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Your Questions in CMS's PDPM Video

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

MDS/RAI Advisor's Mary Jane Kochoa was lucky to have her PDPM questions answered by CMS' John Kane in August 14, 2019 video at approximately 1:11:45

As usual, we are so lucky to be part of CMS's Q&A portion of the PDPM training. At the very end at approximately 1:11:45 time, Mary Jane Kochoa's two important questions that attendees had asked during MDS/RAI Advisor's PDPM Trainings were answered by the one and only, John Kane from CMS. (See arrow on image above or watch video by clicking here.)

Thank you to MDS/RAI Advisor's June and August 2019 PDPM Training attendees for your insightful questions and to John Kane, who included our questions to be answered in this nationwide PDPM training. Below is a transcript excerpt:

Mary Jane: 1) Will the Significant Change of Condition Assessment continue to affect the reimbursement under PDPM?

John Kane: No, it will not.

Mary Jane: 2) IPA can be done if there is a classification change. Does classification change mean one change in one of the 5 component's HIPPS code?

John Kane: Yes, it means if their primary diagnosis changes or their functional score changes or they develop a new comorbidity, whatever changes their PDPM HIPPS code, if you want to do an IPA to capture that, then do it. Again, it is optional. You don't have to do it if there is a HIPPS code change but you can.

Please check out the very informative PDPM video on August 14, 2019 from CMS: Patient Driven Payment Model: What is Changing (and What Is Not).

Hope that helps!


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