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Webinar Warning!

Webinars can be ineffective if 4 hours of information is shortened to fit in a hour or 90 minutes.

The subject in this case: RAI manual version 1.16 update.

CMS tackled the new Section GG items, the new Section J DRR items, the new Section N and I items in two, very informative webinars that totalled about 3 hours. BUT you have to be aware of one thing: Those sections were not the only ones recently updated in the RAI manual!

About 13 sections have been edited, clarified or have new items effective October 01, 2018.

Other companies who offer those quick, 90-minute webinars or the free ones that claim to give a whole training of almost 400 pages of the recent MDS changes are dangerously incomplete. One should not rely on the "short cut" version of the regulations presented in those webinars. MDS nurses should still read the RAI... and then supplement learning with a formal, live training by MDS/RAI Advisor whose powerpoints do not paraphrase the new regulations and with a trainer who has been to directly trained at a CMS training.

Take a look at the powerpoint slide of a 1.5-hour webinar provided by nationwide company below versus MDS/RAI Advisor's powerpoint slide for a live training regarding the new RAI manual version 1.16:


Best wishes to all the MDS nurses tackling the new items and clarifications in the new RAI manual version 1.16!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 3 criteria listed for Section J2000 has been changed in the RAI manual to only 2 criteria. General anesthesia has been removed as a criterion effective October 01, 2018 per RAI manual errata version 1.16R. The slides above were used sometime before October 2018 and are presented here for comparison purposes.


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